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The Pause 2020

We think that we are in control of everything we do
But nature’s done her very best to show us that’s not true

The lives we know are put on pause, the rule to stay apart
This is a time, we can’t deny, to hear what’s in our heart

Always there deep down inside, that dream, that hope, that goal

Covered up with daily life, the stirring of your soul

But here it is, the time has come, to still, reflect and be
To sit and ponder who you are, your true identity

Our life is not a given path, we have the power to mould
There is no way that things should be, there is no pot of gold

Our choices make us who we are, we’re free to choose each day
We change and grow along the road, it is the only way

We’re born, we die, it is a fact, but the middle bit is life
For us to shape and act upon with all its joy and strife

You have the skills and talent too, the way is test and learn
Your inner compass knows what’s best, from this you will discern

Trust yourself to find the way, that’s what your life is for
Trust yourself to walk the path, and find the open door

This pause arrived and made you still, it’s inviting you to grow
And in the stillness think again, a space for letting go

The time to act is always now, each moment holds a spell
The past is gone, the future waits, so use the moment well

Cause in the end it would be sad, if looking back you knew
That all the things that stirred your soul, were those you did not do

Mary Wride - author and creator

March 2020