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Most of my paintings are acrylic on wood (30cmX30cm). Some are collage-mixed media.
My aim is to create art that is engaging from a distance yet invites you to be curious and get up close. As in life, first impressions matter, but there is always more to the story.  My art is my story, and it will evolve and change as I continue to learn and grow. I hope you enjoy browsing.

Paintings 2023

Click 👆 on the paintings to see additional images – close-up and/or wall hanging.

Serendipty 1 #1635

Serendipty 2 #1636

Forever Young #1637

Paintings 2022

Click 👆 on the paintings to see additional images – close-up and/or wall hanging.

Foreign Window #1634

Downtown 1 #1632

Downtown 2 #1633

Even if #1606

Up Town Girl #1603

By Your Side #1607

Brand New Day #1604

Amnesty #1626

Emporium 1 #1608

Emporium 2 #1609

Liquid Spirit #1601

Undiscovered #1630

Nostalgia Blue #1614

Nostalgia Red #1615

Nostalgia Pink #1616

Deep Wisdom #1617

Chapter & Verse #1605

Second Chance 1 #1618

Second Chance 2 #1619

Equanimity #1631

Days Like This 1 #1612

Days Like This 2 #1613

Silent Witness 1 #1610

Silent Witness 2 #1611

Blue Note  #1602

Pilgrim  #1629

Beyond The Sea #1628

Paths Taken #1627

Modern Love 1 #1620

Modern Love 2  #1621

Modern Love 3  #1622

By Design  #1623

Morning Pages  #1624

Welcome Home #1625

My frames are handmade by a local artisan using lime wood sourced from the nearby wood yard.

If you would like a frame with your painting, there are four options:

– Natural – leave as is, or paint 

– Light stain and wax

– Light stain and wax with black inner surround

– Dark stain and wax

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