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Truth is Freedom



Look behind the door of your resistance

See clearly and tell the truth

Empower yourself to act from a place of freedom

Truth is Freedom


Look behind the door of your resistance

See clearly and tell the truth

Empower yourself to act from a place of freedom

Hi, I’m Mary, a mother, writer, teacher, speaker, coach and more recently – artist.

I’ve spent my career helping others to achieve their personal and professional goals and I’ve loved every moment. The human desire to move forward and grow is immense, and yet no matter how committed we are to that horizon – a dream, a goal, a different future, most of us are reluctant to take the first step.

As we ready ourselves for action, we meet our nemesis, our resistance.

We have two choices.

Denial allows us to make a seemingly justified and hushed retreat from our dreams and desires or we can tell the truth.

The Truth knows what’s in our heart, shines a light on our fears, and empowers us to act from a place of freedom.

In my book The Song of Truth, I recognize that my journey of becoming depends on finding missing parts of myself that I have hidden. The truth of this is difficult, but when I make a choice to face my fears, I find an ally. I form a relationship with Riley – a creature doll, who inspires me to go on an emotional journey.

This means telling the truth about growing up in a violent home.

The truth is hard, but when I trust what I know in my bones, follow my intuition, and make a choice to face my fears, I find the courage to act.

In the silence, they are screaming to be found. I can hear them rattling their chains behind locked doors, and if I listen carefully, somewhere deep inside my soul, I am being offered a key. I take it. I sink into the shadows looking for the missing parts of me. But when I finally emerge, I have blood on my hands.
The Song of Truth

You know, when we tell the truth and make difficult decisions, we always find an ally. When we take the first step, the one we are resisting, then the path reveals itself and leads to new and unexpected places. There is no path until we walk it, and truth will show us the way.

If you would like to read about my journey of denial, survival and healing the past, of how I found friends and allies, you can buy The Song of Truth here.

The Song of Truth by Mary Wride
Life of Riley Mary Wride Visual

Many people who have read The Song of Truth have asked about my creature doll, Riley.

If you would like to learn more about how my intuition led to the discovery of a special friend, and fired up a more creative spark, you can download the booklet ‘Life of Riley’ for free, here.

‘It is always hard to believe that the courageous step is so close to us, that it is closer than we could ever imagine, that in fact we already know what it is.’
– David Whyte

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My books

The Song of Truth

Mary shares her experience of growing up in a violent
household. Using fairy-tale and poetry she takes us on a fascinating journey to unlock her hidden fears, discover her inner strength, and find freedom and healing.

The Mirrored Door

A sudden impulse to do something different, something daring…something dangerous, sweeps two brothers into a frightening world of magic and menace far from their safe, dull City. 

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Truth is Freedom

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