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My Books

The Song of Truth

Mary shares her experience of growing up in a violent household. Using fairy-tale and poetry she takes us on a fascinating journey to unlock her hidden fears, discover her inner strength, and find freedom and healing.

The Mirrored Door

A sudden impulse to do something different, something daring…something dangerous, sweeps two brothers into a frightening world of magic and menace far from their safe, dull City. 

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In my book The Song of Truth, I recognize that my journey of becoming depends on finding missing parts of myself that I have hidden. The truth of this is difficult, but when I make a choice to face my fears, I find an ally.

I form a relationship with Riley – a creature doll, who inspires me to go on an emotional journey.

If you would like to find out more about my creature doll Riley and my creative endeavours, you can download the free booklet Life of Riley.

Life of Riley by Mary Wride

I have also decided to share a selection of poems I wrote for The Song of Truth, in tribute to my mum and in solidarity with all the wounded children who have a right to feel safe, secure and loved. Hidden Truths, Poems from the Past are intensely moving verses linked to my story of growing up in a violent household and the debilitating impact of fear on family life.

If you would like to read my poems, you can download the booklet Hidden Truths, Poems from the Past for free.